Welcome to My Easy-to-Implement Course Where We Use Videos, Real-Life Examples, Checklists, and Feedback in Order to Personally Help You Pick and Quickly Start a Profitable Business you Will LOVE - And WITHOUT Having to Spend Big Bucks!

Hi, my name is Steve Strauss, and I have a question for you: Are you tired of a lack of flexibility, aggravating bosses, frustrating jobs, of not making enough money, and/or a lack of freedom? I know I was. Well, what if I told you there is a little-known, but powerful and easy way to launch your own business, become your own boss, do what you love, and make big bucks - all WITHOUT having to spend a lot of money?

I know there is such a system because I did it (4x). I am a serial entrepreneur, the senior small business columnist for USA TODAY, and the author of 18 books, including the best selling Small Business Bible.

But the thing is, I had to learn how to start a business on a shoestring the hard way, and believe me, you don't want you to have to go through that learning curve too. Not fun.

But I did figure it out, and it paid off - big time!

For example, I recently sold my website TheSelfEmployed for well into the 6 figures. How much did I put up to start it? Nothing. Zilch. Nada. Instead, I had major corporations like Web.com and eHealth pay me to be part of it.

 I tell you all of this , not to impress you, but to impress upon you that what I did, you can do too.

Steve being named SCORE’s National Small Business Champion of the Year

Let me say that again:

What I did, you can do too, because I am going to show you EXACTLY how to do it. 

I have no doubt that these strategies will work gangbusters for you and I bet you will thank me 10 times over (and btw, if you dont think they do, you get 100% of your money back. Period.) Helping people start, run, grow, and succeed in their own business is my passion and goal in life.

Helping you become your own boss is what I am here to do.

It Wasn't Always So

For as long as I could remember, I had wanted to be my own boss, but until I learned the secret of shoestring startups, I just couldn't figure out how to do it. At that time, I was unhappy, broke, and just very frustrated.

Oh, also, it turned out that I was a pretty bad employee too.

I got fired from my first job, and, later, another one. I was also "downsized" from my first law job (I came to my senses many years ago, thank you very much, and don’t practice anymore.) But the thing was, obviously, bosses and I didn’t get along too well, and, frankly, they were all right about one thing:

I really was a pretty terrible employee.

Fortunately, I turned out to be one heck of an entrepreneur. Whew!

The Business Secret That Changed Everything

After I lost that last job, I was out of work, had no real prospects, and my wife was pregnant with our second child. 

It truly was a very difficult time. 

Finally, with few options left, I knew it was - of all things - time to take a leap. I just had to start my first real business, and fortunately, my sweet wife encouraged me to do so, even if that meant starting on a shoestring. No, not ideal, but better than nothing, right? 

At least I would finally get to live my dream and be my own boss!

As it turns out, starting on a shoestring was the best thing that ever happened to me. It unlocked the keys to the kingdom – the keys I want to share with you now.

Now Is Your Chance To Live Your Destiny

I learned a few key tricks in that first shoestring startup, my law firm, that I actually use to this day. In fact, I made a profit my very first month. 

Why not you?

Maybe you have always wanted to start your own business, too. Maybe you have been scared. Maybe the last one didn’t work out quite right. Or maybe you haven’t had enough time, or money, or resources to do it. 

But one thing I know is that what I learned you can learn. What I did, you can do.

How do I know?

Because I’ll teach you. I’ll help you. I’ll show you. I’ll be your coach. What you will find below are three different levels of ways we could work together, but whichever one you choose, I promise that you will get my best tips, strategies, experience, and feedback. We can do it, together.

Take a look at yourself in the mirror and imagine what your life could be like in 6 weeks after we have taken this journey together. See yourself starting your new business, your dream business. Notice how you feel, your new attitude. See your best self. Feel it. That is what I want for you. That is what we can do together. 

Over the years I have made shoestring startups my thing. Let’s make it your thing too. Like I said, I am an 18x small business author, and a 4x entrepreneur. Each of my businesses has been bigger than the last, and each was started using little of my own money. 

  • My first law firm was started for peanuts and made a profit the very first month. I’ll show you how to do the same.
  • My second business was a shoestring startup too and it took San Francisco by storm
  • My third business, my digital content  business, continues to thrive to this day, with clients like

  • And my last tech venture, TheSelfEmployed.com was started 100% with other people’s money and, as mentioned, I just sold it for a significant sum.

What I know is that the shoestring startup model works, and works better. And I have perfected it. It is cheaper, easier, faster, better, more fun, more exciting, and – maybe most importantly – more profitable.

Oh sure, you can start a business the old-fashioned way. Write a bulky, boring business plan, beg for money from investors or banks, spend tons of money on rent, labor, taxes, insurance, and overhead. And then cross your fingers, and hope for the best.

Here Is What You Will Get

There are three levels of Steve Strauss’ Shoestring Startup programs. Find the one that works best for you, your budget, your goals, and your needs.

Every program starts with the following:

Steve Strauss’ Shoestring Startup, Starter Pack - 5 comprehensive weekly modules of videos, workbooks, and actions steps: 

1. Thinking (and Acting) Like a Shoestring Entrepreneur: I help you understand the small business mindset. Then, together, we will examine various shoestring startup ideas (I'll give you a list of over 100 shoestring businesses you could start right now) and we will help you figure out which sort of business will not only fit you best but offers you the chance for big profits, right from the start.  

2. Small Business Nuts & Bolts: Everything you need to know to actually start a viable business.  Incorporation, law, taxes, money, and especially important - how to make a profit. I promise to make the "boring" stuff easy to understand and get out of the way so you can concentrate on those things you are passionate about. Here you get overviews, checklists, and to-do steps so you know exactly what to do when.

3. Launching Your Brand, Site, and Social on a Shoestring: Especially on a shoestring budget, your online presence is critical, so let's crush your site and social  from the start. And even better - let me show you how you can do so affordably, or even for free. I give you sites where you can create a stunning site for free, cheatsheets, action steps, and more.

4. Get Your Business Funded: Money is an issue, sure, but it does not have to be. In this section, I share tons of ways to find the money you need to start, run, and grow your business. Everything from the friends & family plan to crowdfunding, business plan competitions, microfinance, and more is in here. In fact, my "Favorite 8" - Eight of the most effective, creative, and accessible ways to get funded are explained in detail. Learn how to creatively fund your dream -- even if you have no money, even if you have bad credit.


5. Shoestring Marketing: This is how we are going to get you customers and clients, and we'll do so by showing you my best tricks - online, offline, digital, old-school, new-school, and a whole lot more. The great thing about marketing and advertising these days is that it is just so darn affordable - if you know the secrets!


Video: Each module is hosted with me explaining via video what we will be doing during that step of the process, and HOW TO DO IT. Comprehensive yet understandable, important yet fun. Starting a business should be a blast, so let’s do that . . . and make six-figures!

The Shoestring Startup Workbook: Each Module comes with an easy-to-use workbook where I help walk you through the essential steps. Tutorials, checklists, quizzes, insider tips, action items, resources – it’s all here, easy to understand and quick to implement.

QuickStart Guide. Ready to jump in? This guide shows you how to get up and running, fast, fast, fast!

Over a dozen free bonuses: Free government resources guide, List of over 100 businesses to start for under $100, Kickstarter starter pack, Shoestring funding package (8 Guides of 8 different creative ways to get the money you need), Shoestring marketing webinar, and lots, lots more!

COST: $97

Steve Strauss’ Shoestring Startup, Community Pack

Everything above from the Starter Pack, with added extras: 

  • Two group Q&A calls with Steve, where I answer your questions and give feedback and ideas on your plan.

  • Private Steve Strauss Shoestring Startup Online Community Forum. Share ideas with other classmates, and Steve, in our private forum. Tap the power of this mastermind group to get feedback, give feedback, learn, grow, get excited, and make more money!

COST: $397

Steve Strauss’ Shoestring Startup, VIP Pack

Everything above from the Starter Pack, and the Community Pack, along with:

  • One additional VIP small group Q&A calls

  • Two personal consultations with Steve and his team. We will review your idea, critique your business plan, and give you specific, actionable, personal feedback.

COST: $997

Here’s what just a few of my recent students have said:

“Steve Strauss is awesome! All programs of his that I have attended have been incredibly insightful and this one too was exactly on target for me. Loved it and can’t wait to implement his ideas!”

Andrea A

“Very practical shoestring info that I can take action on immediately.”

Dan C

“This package is one of the very best - packed with practical advice.”

Diane W

“The section about the e-commerce sites actually changed my mind about how to promote my new business.”

Hannah S

The experts are equally effusive:

No. 1 Bestselling Author and small business guru Seth Godin said this of my most recent book, “Optimistic, powerful, and clear, this is the info your business needs right now.”

New York Times Bestselling Author Joel Comm says, “I am always on the lookout for the next big thing and in that sense, Steve Strauss and I have a lot in common. Steve is always looking for new, better ways to help his small but his tribe. What you have in your hands is the latest example. This is a fantastic tool and super helpful for any entrepreneur.”

Marcus Lemonis, CNBC’s The Profit, says this: “What I know is that having great teammates and mentors makes all the difference on your business journey. That is what I really think Steve is offering you. Keep going, it’s time to make more profit!”
Steve and Grenier

The Ball Is In Your Court . . . But Time Is Running Out!

It has taken me years to not only learn how to create a successful business, and not only how to get one up and running and profitable quickly, but additionally, how to do so on a shoestring budget. That combo is unique, different, special. I hope you see that.

Steve’s Business Facebook Page

In fact, this is the FIRST TIME I have ever combined Shoestring Startups, Shoestring Marketing, and an offer to be a personal mentor. I have never done this before. And as such, I am not sure I will ever offer it again. We will have to see. 

So this truly and very likely is a limited time offer.

So, at a minimum you get

  • 5 full modules of startup action
  • Hours of video instruction
  • A vital action-packed workbook
  • Free resources guide
  • List of over 100 businesses to start for under $100
  • Kickstarter starter pack,
  • 8 guides of 8 different shoestring funding sources 

That is actually a $1,497 value for only $397, a savings of $1,100.

Plus, if desired:

  • Exclusive community forum and support
  • Private Q & A calls and feedback
  • Private, exclusive, personal one-on-one Steve Strauss mentoring .

And Don’t Forget: This Offer Is a 100% Fully Money-Back Guarantee! If, after 30 days, you are not 100% completely satisfied, we will give you 100% of your money back, 100% guaranteed, no questions asked.

It's the 100% no-risk GUARANTEE.

Don’t Let Another Year Go By “Settling”. YOU DESERVE MORE!!